Terms of reservation

“Create disorder in the system”

Create or causing any trouble and disorder in the system, such as creation temporary booking or phone call sequentially and etc means as cybercrime and with previous coordination that taken with tourism organization and the judiciary, will be lead to prosecution and serious collision.

“Correctness of information and specifications of hotels and properties”

Accuracy of all information and specification observed in the site for the hotels and properties, is on the responsibility of the hotels and properties themselves. Such as hotel’s facilities, room’s facilities, price of rooms and services, inclusion of taxes and VAT in prices, breakfast inclusion etc. are received directly from hotels and this system cannot verify all of these information. Though, the general information verified by Hoteliers Union and also sometimes our evaluation team review and update the data of hotels, according to complaints and comments of customers. However, the honorable passengers that doubt about the provided information, it is better to contact to hotels /properties or our Help Desk and discuss their cases and questions, before decide about their booking.

“Entrance to the destination and staying in hotel or property”

Hotelux is not responsible for any problems that relates to passenger’s arrival issues or such as airport and railway, transfer services, and staying period problems such as room quality, food quality, hotel services quality and other similar cases relates to hotel/property responsibilities. However, Hotelux Help Desk tries to follow up your requests and complaints about hotels /property services, immediately after informing, and on the other hand, due to the comments, points and reviews that dear customers put in system after staying in hotel, we update the hotel’s rank and publish the comments and points to inform other customers.

Other Important Terms


Hotelux is only responsible for reservation requests which an official confirmation is issued for , is sent to the customer by e-mail , and the words “Confirmed” and “Paid” is printed in front of “Booking Status”.


Hotelux is only responsible to provide accommodation and services which are printed in the Confirmation (Voucher) .


Any adjustment or change in reservation such as canceling, changing in arrival or departure date and time , room type changing or passengers information ,should be discussed to our Help Desk in advance of registered arrival date in the voucher . Help Desk Contacts are : Phone : +98(21) 88721179 , Email : HelpDesk@hotelux.com


Passengers who booking is made on their name, should be deliver their valid ID card or National ID Card (only for passengers with nationality of Iran) and Passport(for any other nationalities) ,to reception while entering to the hotel/property and check-in.


According to the laws of Islamic republic of Iran, staying men and women in one room, is depended to presenting ID card, marriage document or legal license from Places Supervision office of the police.


Most of hotels and properties don’t charge additional price for infants but the policies of each hotel/property related to the age of child is presented in the site and is considered in prices.


In the page of each hotel/property in the website, facilities and included services in prices, are presented. Any other services such as minibar, laundry, restaurant, coffee shop and etc. are not included in prices and customer should pay for them at the staying time.


8. Check-In and Check-Out time is depended to hotel’s rules presented in it’s page in the website or in the voucher. Any possible extra charge for early check-in or late check-out will be between the customer and the hotel/property while staying.

“Cancellation Rules”


In Iran, there is no clear public law or rule for cancellation fee. Cancellation policies can be different depending on destination, hotel, and high or low seasons for individual hotels and properties .Charging for the cancellation is only related to the hotel/property policy in booking’s date but Hotelux does not charge any extra fee for cancellation more than calculated fee by the hotel. Cancellation policy of every single hotel is presented to the customer in the hotel’s page and also in booking confirmation page while booking process.


After cancelling a reservation, the possible cancellation fee (is there any) will be calculated and charged. Outstanding amount of paid deposit by the customer will be refunded in maximum 7 days.


In most booking cases for Nowruz days, holidays and high season days depend on destination, there will be no refund for confirmed bookings.


Dear passengers that give up to travel for any reason, should inform us by contacting our Help Desk by aforesaid contact ways, as soon as possible in prior arrival time.


Hotelux is not responsible for the lack of personal document such as ID-Card or Passport or marriage document, which may cause to rejection of passengers by the hotel/property and cancellation of the reservation. In most cases properties will charge the customer for One Night fee for all booked rooms.

Due to the different rules in different hotels/ properties, we recommend you to read carefully rules and conditions of properties before submitting your reservation.