Privacy Policy

Privacy of users in

  “Hotelux” system emphasizes on the principle of data protection and privacy of users. This document includes explanatory about private information and how to use them that “Hotelux” system collects from its users. These data are included all information which help us to identify our individual users. Information such as name, last name, address, email address, phone numbers and other data that are not available to the public normally.

Privacy policy of site’s users

  When you visit this website, our web server collects some client information. This information are about time of visit and pages that you have visited and are not included your identity data. Also, when you input some date to register your profile or make a reservation, data will be  saved in our database only to using for the purpose. We have tried to get minimum data is needed for making and following your reservation out and avoided to request of private information as much as possible. Also some mandatory information will be needed to print in your voucher and submit to the hotel/property after each booking , helps the hotel/property to identify our customers according with issued voucher .

Security of users’ information

 All of the booking information and data of visitors such as password, user name,… will be safe in this website and will not give to any other person or entity, unless, we convince that information is needed to identify, contact or bring a lawsuit against the person that have caused a damage or injury to the system or it’s other customers interest. Also payment by any type of supported credit or debit cards via the e-payment systems is provided and secured by Shaparak National Payment Network under the central bank of IRAN and by PAYEX system for international Visa/Master cards. Also, all used payment systems have utilized Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and users can ensure that their payments will be easy and safe.

Limited access to information

  “Hotelux” system has limited employees access to user data and only employees who have direct contact with users, has access to his/her information. User passwords are stores in the database in encrypted format form and at encoding process we have used latest secured algorithms and advanced techniques. Total data related to “Hotelux” system held in protected substructions and secure servers. We have been trying  to be the sense of trustful and secureness  to our respectable users while using our  system.

IP and cookies

  We may collect your computer information such as IP address, operation system and browser type and use them to manage your requests and reservations and also evaluate our market. This included statistical data about the patterns and the performance of your search in the internet and can’t determine your identity. Cookie is a global standard method to optimization of systems use that support with operation systems and software tools that prevalent the world such as Windows. Cookies are small packets of information that when you visit the site, our system will be saved on your computer. Cookies give more speed to your following visits of the site. Also the cookies allow us to be able to monitor and control the site traffic and to personalize the contents of the site for you. You can active certain settings in your computer’s browser to prevent to store your cookies. In this case you may not be able to use some of the special features of our site.

More information

 If there is ambiguity, question or concern about your privacy, you can contact us via  or phone numbers printed in “Contact Us”.