Why would I trust to “Hotelux.com ”?

“Hotelux.com” system has succeeded to receive the “e-Commerce trust symbol “ which means that recorded as a reliable system in the center of the development of e-commerce of industry, mine and trade ministry, and to ensure this issue, you can click on the e-trust symbol on the footer of home screen to ensure the validation of the site.

What’s the business of “Hotelux.com ” system?

“Hotelux.com” system is the first quite fully online booking website that has possibility the reservation in online hotels and record the guest’s reservation in hotel software without intermediate. Also this system is connected with pioneer suppliers in the field of tourist accommodation facilities such as hotels and apartment hotels at home and abroad.

What’s the online booking?

Online booking means to search, locate and record the reserve of accommodation properties in real-time by software robots. The software robots in online booking process removed all of the human and commercial intermediates between the hotels and passengers, and allows to done the booking process in the safest, easiest, cheapest and fastest way.

What does online booking means :

In “online” booking all of the booking process between customers and hotel done without human intervention and only by software robots, intermediaries to lay aside and passenger’s request record directly on the accommodation software in hotel. So passenger could be sure of the availability of rooms and the validation of issued voucher. Also hotel’s staff ate informed of reservation immediately and meanwhile, received the passenger information and reserve payment and insert it in the hotel account, so they will be ready to accept passengers. The most important feature of online booking, is eliminating intermediaries between the passenger and hotel, assuring the passenger from validity of voucher (reserve confirmation) and also is eliminating human and user error in hotel specially in high seasons. Reservation robots, manage any volume of demand in the shortest time, without any limitation and without need to human resources. Now, the “Hotelux” system is the only system that provides this service in Iran.

How to reserve the hotel in ”Hotelux” system?

Any user that having one of the credit cards, can be use the online booking of hotel in our site to pay with credit cards need to enable and having second password (internet password) of your bank card.

How to start of using “Hotelux” system?

“Hotelux” system is available freely to the public and anyone who has a credit or debit cards, can choose and book the hotel in our system, and if you already be a member of Hotelux system, can benefit from more special facilities and discounts.

What’s the reservation voucher?

Reservation voucher is a confirmation of booked rooms at the hotel and includes the name of guests and information about hotel, chosen room types and date of check-in and check-out. Also it is a receipt for paid price of the booking.

How is the booking process?

After entering desired destination in Search Box , the site shows you a list of hotels and room rates according to the search criteria , helps you to choose and book immediately. Note, before approve the reservation, carefully read the cancellation policy and fees that may be different in every hotel. Subsequently, you pay the reservation fee online. Immediately after payment, the booking confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. This voucher should be present by the passengers to the hotel desk as a proof of payment and confirmation.

Is the online reservation in this site online and have need to contact you or hotel?

In online hotel, your booking is recorded in hotel’s software in Real Time. Anyway, in online and “on request” reservations you do not need to contact the hotel .

Why the prices of this site is low?

the prices of this site is low? This question almost arise for all dear passengers that why is the prices offered in this system is more less than the prices that the hotel offers. To answer the question, we have to say that “Hotelux” system due to the volume of reservations which provides for hotels and other properties, can get the best discounts and special deals from them. We share this discounts with our customers and try to make a cheapest prices for them.

Which bank’s cards can be paid online?

You can pay in “Hotelux” system with any types of Credit or Debit cards that have possibility of internet payment and are already activated.

How to activate the second password of bank’s card for online payment in Iran ?

To do this, by referring to a ATM of the bank which your card is issued by, and do it after entering the password through the operation menu. Note that you don’t need to go to the bank for activation.

How to calculate the amount that will be displayed when searching the hotel?

This is sum of all costs that you must pay for all the selected room in choice term, for every hotel’s passengers that included the room price and sales tax (VAT). For observe the price details should be select the hotel and enter to the hotel page.

If cancel the reservation, what should I do to return amount?

If the passenger cancel the reservation, should be declare the request to return amount in a formally email to info@hotelux.com address. Note that e-mail sender’s address must be a same address that you registered with it in the site. In addition, information of account number and canceled booking information must be stipulate in this email. “Hotelux” system will deposit the booking amount to account number (abolition or cancellation fine will be determined by hotel and system doesn’t receive any charge for cancel the booking request from the guest). Note that only the account number will be accepted and the “Hotelux” system be excused to deposit to the card number.

In the case of cancellation the remaining of stay in hotel, can be cancel it and is the amount will be returned?

No. according to hotel’s cancellation fines, will not be returned any amount since entering the hotel. So you do care when booking. Our recommend is that divided your long-term reservation into shorter interval.

How can to make sure about hotel facilities (e.g. pool)?

Usually the facilities that mentioned in “Hotelux” system for hotels, all of them will put at your disposal during staying. But in some cases (e.g. for repairs) it may some of facilities (e.g. pool) cannot be used. So, if specific facilities of the hotel is so important to you, you can to make sure through contact the hotel.

Is opening an account to us has any cost for users?

“Hotelux” system is available for everyone freely and without any registration cost. You only pay the cost of your room booking.

Could be book the online hotel in any 24 hour of day and night?

Yes, the reservation process is activate for online hotels of system during the day and night and your booking register directly in hotel but for “on request” hotels, reservation can be done only at office hours (8 to 16).

How can I change my reservation?

After every booking, is not the possibility of any change in the date, location, name of the guest or any other changes. But you can cancel the previous booking and create a new booking with new terms in system. It should be noted that before create or decision to cancel every booking, notice to cancel conditions and its possible fine.

Are our price include extra bed for children?

In most cases, extra bed is free for children. But, unfortunately we cannot always guarantee that we provide extra bed for children and this is because of different rules in the hotel. Children under 2 years are not considered as people.

Is our price include breakfast for the children and all the people in the voucher?

Yes, if your reservation include breakfast and during the booking, registered the name of children and all person in reserve and voucher, all the name are included to receive the mentioned meal in booking.

What time is the possibility of accepting guests in hotels?

Due to the difference of hotel’s rules, hour of accepting the guest are not the same and check-in time at any hotel is written on the key information of a hotel.

Could we choose our room number?

Number of rooms in the hotel specified at the time of acceptance and if desired room is empty, accommodated to the passenger.

Can I make a booking directly from the hotel?

Yes you can! Observe the information and photos from “Hotelux” system, to do comparisons, and find your desired hotel. Then take the number of hotel by internet search or 118 phone number and do your reservation directly. Of course, you will not be able to reserve with discount and price that see in site.

What’s the cancel reservation fine, No show and how return in “Hotelux” system?

Cancellation policy of reservation is different in each hotel. “Hotelux” system explains the booking cancellation policy before you confirm the booking. Sometimes, it possible during the busy days, some booking are not refundable. Careful study the cancellation fines is your responsibility before confirmed the reservation. If you enter to reserved hotel but don’t stay until departure date and shorten your staying don’t receive any payment for it. If don’t enter the hotel in check-in time, is consider as “no show” and its fine is 100% of the full price of reservation. Note that the last respite of cancellation request in hotels are different and specified individually in rules part of each hotel. For cancel the reservation, that’s enough to send your voucher and bill with phone number, number of bank card and the name of account owner to the following email at office hours. Your email has investigated in the first office time and cancel the booking immediately.


More information

If you have any question about the “Hotelux” system, you can contact us via support@hotelux.com address or phone number 021-88721179.